Sadness and favourite songs of today

Sorry for not updating for so long, but I’ve really had a couple of horrible days. My rabbit became ill and died yesterday. She was already six years old, so I was quite attached to her. However, today I tried to cheer myself listened to some music to cheer myself up. Underneath I have linked 3 of my favourite songs of today.

Today my 3 favourite songs were:

1. Alain Clark – Lose ourselves I think Alain Clark is really a fantastic singer and I’m in love with most of his songs.

2. One direction – Best song ever This song really cheered me up. I think the video is fun and crazy, which makes it special. Not everyone is a fan of one direction, but I just liked this song a lot and wanted you to hear it.

3. Cimorelli – Believe it What I like about Cimorelli is how they build up a reputation by placing covers of songs on their YouTube account. I also like that they are all sisters and are so close together. Adding to that they off course all have lovely voices and the song is very happy (which I need at the moment).

I hope you like the songs too and I’ll soon post an update again.


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